Frequently Asked Questions

1) Question: The application should be submitted by project-based or by companies?
  Answer: It should be submitted by project-based, meaning an application represents 1 project in 1 category.
2) Question: Would it be possible to have one project applying for more than 1 category?
  Answer: Yes, a project is eligible for more than one application to the 5 Hong Kong Award Categories by making separate application submissions. For example, project A applied for Sales and Leasing category & Post-Occupation category. In this case, 2 separate applications would be counted.
3) Question: If my project has not gained an Occupation Permit between between 1 January 2019 and 15 December 2023, would it be possible to apply for this award?
  Answer: It depends on the nature, construction status, and exact situation of the applied project, we might need more information, such as the name of the project and which category the project will be applying for. Please send these informations to our Secretariat office: hkisawards@creativegp.com or call us at 3769-6407 to learn more.